Purpose + Passion + Perseverance = The Power of Princeton!

He taught me that the value of a true friend is worth more than silver and gold.  I would dare say that pound for pound, he was the greatest friend of all time. 

So where oh where might Princeton’s Place be?! Well, it will always live inside of me.   I hope you connect with Princeton and love him as much as I did or remember a pet of your own that has touched your soul.  Heroes come and go, but best friends are immortal. 

Meet The Author

Ric Romero

Ricardo Romero is a native of Los Angeles, CA – born and raised in the City of Angels. Which is fitting in that he was blessed with a little angel in Princeton. Their special bond and Princeton’s fighting spirit, left an indelible mark which inspired him to write Princeton’s Place – as a tribute and dedication to Princeton, to help pet parents and children navigate the process of losing a pet, and to honor the greatest friend he’s ever known.

About the Illustrator

Stephanie Richoll

Stephanie Richoll is a Florida native, established illustrator, painter, and graphic designer. She has worked with several publishers and producers and has illustrated several published children’s books and novels. She hopes to travel the world, but for now is working with clients all over the world and hopes to continue producing art for amazing projects in the future.

“I was honored and delighted to work on Princeton’s Place! I am a dog lover myself and know very personally how deeply pets touch our lives. To be able to remember a beloved family member like Princeton in this way is wonderful!”

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